Lisa F. Levine

Owner & Pet Sitter


Hi! My name is Lisa Levine, the owner of Lisa's Leashes. Over the past 30 years I have been a pet owner, worked in an animal shelter for 3 years, and am involved in working with different places who provide adoption and foster services for animals. I have the most amazing furbabies of my own who rescued me! I have much experience and knowledge in providing care for animals, both cats and dogs. 

I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 25 years as well as a Yoga Instructor for children and adults since 2013. I have a strong love and passion in working with animals and children!

Marla Hochman 
Owner & Pet Sitter
Marla has been actively involved in animal rescue, pet sitting and animal care for over 30 years. She has a a love and passion for animals and goes above and beyond to accommodate all clients and their needs. Marla will help with vacation care, over night care, take your babies for nice relaxing dog walks, and have play time with your kitties! She is a genuine, caring, and loving person who will provide excellent care to your pets and ensure that all of their needs are met.
Susan J. Dibenedetti 
Pet Sitter
Susan has been working with animals and has been a pet owner for over 40 years. She has worked as a biller for most of her career, recently retired and Pet Sitting has now become her full time job! Sue is kind, loving, caring as well as a passionate animal lover. She will take the very best care of your animals whether it is day visits, dog walks, over night care or cat visits. Susan also does lengthy stays in your homes if needed and will go above and beyond to ensure that your animals are loved and cared for.  
  • All Lisa's Leashes Pet Sitters/Contractors are Licensed, Insured, Bonded and Background Checked
  • Lisa's Leashes is licensed, insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates
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