Having a hard time keeping up with your pet/s daily dog walks? Unable to get home from work to get your dog/s out?

Let us walk the walk for you!


Lisa's Leashes has professional, loving and responsible dog walkers who will come to your home to take your dog/s out for a nice relaxing walk and  give them extra exercise and play time while helping to reduce their anxiety and stress in the comfort of their own home.

We understand each dog has different needs and we are here to accommodate.

We will provide them with much love and care when you can not be there.


Dog Sitting allows your pet/s to stay in your home or another safe setting that you as a pet owner choose while you are away.
Our pet care specialist can spend the night over, make visits during the day, or attend to your pet in the place where you feel that they will be comfortable the most. We are here to meet you and your pet/s needs.
Along with spending time with them, we will also include play time as well as go for long walks. Whichever is the best option for your pet/s to ease any anxiety or nervousness they might feel while you are away. Our walks and visits depend on you and what their specific needs are; We can also spread visits at different times of the day or evening.


Lisa's Leashes offers home checks and cat visits.

These visits include feedings, refreshing water bowls, litter box changing, and providing your cat/s with extra TLC and attention.

 Along with spending time with your cat/s, we will have play time, sit and relax with them, and/or have them relax in the patio of your home or whatever special place they feel the happiest.


We will clean up the cats areas, bring in the mail, water plants, check the lights and ensure that your cat/s are comfortable.


  • ADDED SERVICES INCLUDE: Mail Retrieval, Watering Plants, Adjusting Lights and Curtains, Pool Needs, Disposing of Trash, Cpr Trained, Socialization/Play Time, Visit Updates, Recurring Maintenance, Transport, Vet Visits, Litter Box Cleaning, Poop Pick Ups, and any Other Services That Are Not Listed on Here, Just Ask Us, We Are Happy to Accommodate!

Lisa's Leashes Pet Sitting Services

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